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People2.0 Announces Andrew Fahey as Global CCO

Fahey transitions from Brookson Group CEO and Global CMO of People2.0 to the Pivotal Role of Global CCO at People2.0

King of Prussia, PA – May 15, 2023People2.0, the world’s largest global employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services provider, announced a key leadership change today. Andrew Fahey, esteemed CEO of the Brookson Group (a People2.0 company), will be transitioning to the role of Global Chief Commercial Officer. In his new role, Fahey will oversee the company’s commercial strategy, including sales, marketing, products, pricing, and strategic partnerships. This transition will support the seamless integration of Brookson with People2.0.

“As I embark on my journey as Chief Commercial Officer for People2.0, I am filled with enthusiasm and determination to drive our growth by synergizing all of our externally facing functions. By centralizing control of pricing, product, and customer experience, we will accelerate our progress, fostering a streamlined and unified approach that fuels our collective success,” said Fahey.

Fahey is a seasoned commercial leader in technology-enabled businesses, particularly within the global temporary labor and contractor marketplace. Having led the Brookson Group within the UK, Fahey brings a wealth of experience in operational delivery, technical consultancy, and commercial management, providing well-rounded strategic leadership in developing products and services for the global talent marketplace. 

“With two decades of dedication to the talent marketplace, I have honed my skills in developing products and services to empower businesses and individuals alike,” he said. “My experience in building sales teams, launching new brands, and fostering innovation has prepared me for this exciting new chapter. As we look to the future, I am eager to channel this knowledge and expertise towards establishing our company as the undisputed global thought leader in our industry, inspiring growth and success for all those we serve.” 

Throughout his career, Fahey has consistently delivered shareholder value and profitability through organic and acquisitive strategies. In his new role, he is dedicated to nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration while driving growth. 

“Over the years, our relentless pursuit of growth has led us to expand our business organically and through strategic acquisitions. In doing so, we have cultivated an unparalleled wealth of skills, expertise, and experience among our dedicated internal Ambassadors,” Fahey stated. “Now, we stand poised to channel this collective energy into forging a strong company culture, refining our service experience, and building an organization that fills us all with immense pride. Together, we will shape a remarkable legacy and inspire the world around us.” 

Pat McCall, former Global CRO for People2.0, wholeheartedly endorsed Fahey’s appointment: “From the moment we encountered Andrew during the Brookson Group acquisition process, it was clear that we had discovered an exceptional executive—one who could truly elevate our global team to unparalleled heights. As I pass the baton to Andrew and continue supporting People2.0 as a client in my new endeavor, I eagerly await the remarkable strategic advancements and growth that Andrew will undoubtedly orchestrate. The future is bright, and I am confident that People2.0’s global talent engagement infrastructure will thrive under his leadership.” 

About People 2.0​

People2.0 is the world’s leading enabler of flexible, mobile, on-demand, and remote work arrangements, including portable support solutions for independent contractors. The company’s global network of in-country, company-owned and operated establishments enable talent partners to hire any worker anywhere in any arrangement. Whether hiring locally or globally, People2.0’s employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) services keep contingent workers in compliance with local and international regulations.

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